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Wayne K Artistry with Bundle of Joy Box - Local Collab

A few years back I met Wayne through a mutual photography friend. She was just starting out in her make up artist journey and was collaborating on a photo shoot with Carter Photography and myself with my doula work.  Immediately upon meeting Wayne I was at ease with how the day would go. I had never been professionally done up, and was initially a little nervous. I honestly never put on more than moisturizer and mascara most most days, so a full face and hair seemed a little daunting. Wayne was sweet enough to explain everything she was using, and had the patience to work on me while I sat fidgeting. The look she put together had me glowing, and I have...

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Working Together with Small Businesses

We've recently had the pleasure of being (virtually) interviewed by Krystal of Modern Mama Edmonton. She is doing a weekly blog post showcasing local area small businesses. In this economic time, that's such a thoughtful thing for her to be doing. Many small businesses are definitely feeling the crunch, and we really appreciate her sharing the small business love. 

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Welcome to Our Store!

Over the last several weeks Winnie and I have been getting products together, figuring out packing needs and working our butt's off. We've come up against some irritating tech issues (and are trying to figure that out). But we haven't lost sight of our April 1st launch date, even if we've missed our March presale. Unfortunately in the meantime the world has taken a painful hit with Covid-19. We initially weren't sure if we should, or even will still, launch for April. After many heartfelt chats on how to proceed, we're adapting. We currently do not have the subscription option available for ordering. With shipping times being uncertain, we do not want to promise that we can send out items/boxes...

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Our Beginnings

The Bundle of Joy Box started as a desire to connect families to eco friendly, locally made, wholesome products. As a birth doula, with over a decade of working with new and expanding families, I saw a need. Families are choosing locally sourced products more often, and raising environmentally conscious children.  The summer of 2019 my first grandchild was born. My eldest daughter Winnie, was looking for ways to reduce home waste for her growing family. While looking at makers and products in Canada, she wished there was an easier way to find the people making these things. And she also wished that she could get a mix of items to try out, instead of travelling all over town with...

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