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Our Creators (Vendors)

Bundle of Joy Box is so honoured to know so many outstanding

Canadian makers and creators. We have an amazing supplier list for our pregnancy, postpartum, baby and self care boxes. Some of these brands you may recognize (which is great), but you may not know them all. Which is why we do what we do, we love finding and meeting new and upcoming creators! 

We also switch up products throughout the year, so we may not have everyone on the list still in stock, or in our boxes. We love to support Canadian businesses so we like to keep them on our list. 

If you're a Canadian creator, we'd love to work with you, feel free to fill out our Creators Application!



 Adams + Co

Their mission is to provide their customers with useful, practical, and stylish products. Their hope is that their products are able to make life easier for their customers and that they can act as an inspiration to makers young and old. 

Shop Adams & Co



Their dedicated gluten-free facility uses handmade techniques to transform simple ingredients into nutrient-dense foods. Everything they create is manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality product they can produce. By hand selecting ingredients and minimal processing, they are making food that is truly good for the body.

Shop Alkeme


Anointment Natural Skin Care

Anointment Natural Skin Care is dedicated to developing pure and natural solutions for beautiful and healthy skin.

Our award-winning products are inspired by the balance and change of our local landscape, and our place in nature. Our skin care needs change with calendar seasons and the seasons of life. Anointment is here to support you along the way.

Shop Anointment Natural Skin Care


Aria Home Decor

When it comes to our home decor and textiles, we source products from local Canadian makers and vendors. It is our goal to source high-quality products and support local businesses while upholding sustainable standards. We try our best to ensure that all of our products are eco-friendly, vegan and animal cruelty free.

Shop Aria Home Decor


Beaver Creek Honey

Our honey comes out of the hive perfectly made by the bees, so our job is to keep this perfection in the jar you take home. That means minimal straining, no blending, no pasteurizing, no shortcuts! 

Shop Beaver Creek


Be Calm Bath Bombs

Hand made all natural bath enhancers. These bath bombs make for a luxurious experience. 

Shop Be Calm Bath Bombs


Blissful Baby Boutique

Handmade everyday essentials for babies, tots, & moms.

Shop Blissful Baby Boutique


Catastrophe Chocolates

For me food has often been a way to express my love and caring to family and friends.  My obsession began with savoury foods,  that lead to baking, then to the exploration of increasingly technique heavy foods. My husband tells me that the more steps it takes, the happier I am. He isn't wrong.

It had to be Chocolate.

Shop Catastrophe Chocolates


Creations CocoLyly

Création CocoLyly inc is a business created by a mother from Rimouski.

Shop Creation CocoLyly


Designed by Franka

Chunky knitted scrunchies. Unique take on a modern trend. These scrunchies work amazing for thick hair!

Shop Designed by Franka


Donair N Deights

Donair kits, delicate desserts & the delicious hot chocolate bombs!

Shop Donair N Delights


Earth Envy

Customizable, one of a kind natural jewelry pieces, bracelets and botanical bookmarks, inspired by nature.

Shop Earth Envy


Farmer's Daughter

Affordable unique natural body care and make up products for you and your family.

Shop Farmer's Daughter


Heart Made by Me

Personalized Morse code bracelets with meaning. 

Shop Heart Made by Me


Hello Soaps

Providing natural bath, beauty and cleaning products made by hand.

Shop Hello Soaps



Local beekeepers in the Parkland County and we offer locally handmade reusable beeswax food wraps, beeswax fire starters and candles, and raw/unpasteurized honey.

Shop The Humble Bee


Inner Lotus

They create bath & body products like bath bombs, bubble bars, sugar scrubs and more. They make everything by hand in small batches to ensure you're getting the best quality products. 

Shop My Inner Lotus


Karen Leone Designs

Reusable home and self care products.

Shop Karen Leone Designs


Knackered Mamas

They focus on the quality of their products and provide the customer service they would like to receive! Their pride in workmanship can be felt and seen in everything they make.

Shop Knacker Mamas


Life of a Lotus

Life of a Lotus started with two sisters with a passion for crafting and self care. Hoping to share that passion we started our craft and sticker shop to allow people to shop to treat themselves and make themselves feel their best.

Shop Life of a Lotus


Made of Lightning

Your new favorite scrunchie! 

Shop Made of Lightning



During Stefanie’s studies as a home-birth midwife, she was educated in essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, massage, accupressure, and many other alternative treatments. This has led to her awareness of the human body's ability to heal itself and the amazing support herbs can bring. In turn she began making my own body care products, cleaning products, as well as growing and using her own medicinal herbs.

Shop Matoaka


MB Creations

Products handmade with love & care. 

Shop MB Creations


Nana Browns

Nicole has been designing and sewing for over 20 years. All materials used are locally and sustainably sourced where possible. She supports other small and home based business, both online and in our local community.

Shop Nana Browns


Once Upon  a Dime

I'm Kayla with Once Upon a Dime YXE, and we sell more than greeting cards...we sell happy mail.

Shop Once Upon a Dime


New Genes Maternity

These handmade items are ethically made and designed with a little humour and a lot of love.  

Shop New Genes Maternity


New Moon Tea Co.

New Moon Tea Co. makes small batch, hand blended and artisanal teas. We source only the finest and freshest organic ingredients with a farm to cup philosophy in mind. We want our teas to feel, taste and smell liked they were picked fresh from the earth. 

Shop New Moon Tea Co.


Prairie Witch Creations 

All of her products are handcrafted with as many local products as possible. All other ingredients are purchased through Canadian companies.

Shop Prairie Witch Creations


Quench Handmade

A gal with a passion for making quality, naturally made body care products for the whole family. Years of trial and error and many hours spent researching herbs, oils and essential oils led her to create a line of products she felt good about.

Shop Quench


Ravens Creations 

Ravens Creations is a natural minded skincare company in the Edmonton area. We have something for everyone.

Shop Ravens Creations



Rawnata is a family-owned business committed to using high quality, organic, flourless ingredients.

Shop Rawnata


Schmear Naturals

100% food-based skin care. We're here for your clean skincare needs.

Shop Schmear


Scrunchies with Robyn Cee

Homemade Scrunchies made with love

Shop Scrunchies with Robyn Cee


Sew Simple by Kristen

Handmade and eco friendly products. 

Shop Sew Simple by Kristen


Simply Polished

Simply Polished is an eco-conscious self-care product line, locally made in Calgary, AB. We believe that what we put onto our body is just as important as what you put into it. That is why we created each product with simple ingredients direct from nature, without the use of harmful chemicals, fragrance or dyes.

Shop Simply Polished


Simply Satins

We at Simply Satins do not only make handmade satin pillowcases , we also make a variety of handcrafted satin hair scrunchies and satin lined knitted toques with removeable furry pompoms.

Shop Simply Satins


Siempre Eco

Hi! I am Rabia and I am the Founder & CEO of Siempre Eco. I have always been a strong advocate for conscious consumerism and environmentally sustainable living.

Shop Siempre Eco


The Crafty Mama YEG

Custom apparel, signs, décor and keepsakes.

Shop The Crafty Mama YEG


Three Farmers

Crunchy little lentils. Big bang in a small pulse, packed with protein and flavour! You’ll be amazed that a snack so small can make you feel so might!

Shop Three Farmers


Tru Earth

It is our mission to put your family first, and is why our eco-strips are hypoallergenic and paraben free. When you use Tru Earth Eco-Strips, you will feel confident that you are taking care of your family, and their future on this planet.

Shop Tru Earth


Victoria Lavender Company

Victoria lavender was established fifteen years ago on beautiful Vancouver Island. Our luxury lavender line has always been hand crafted and has built a large following of loyal customers who have been enjoying our many lavender products and their natural health benefits for years.

Shop Victoria Lavender Company


Wick'd Petals

Wick'd Petals Candle Company is happy to provide you with 100% sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable soy products topped with locally dried botanicals.

Shop Wick'd Petals


YEG Made

YEG Made, custom Home Decor, Custom Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Tank Tops, Custom Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses, seasonal items and more!

Shop YEG Made


Yonge Beauty

our brands mission is to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace our differences! 

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ZypChicks = HEMP: local, delicious & healthy! They have fresh hemp hearts, anti aging hemp skin & body care, hemp for pets.

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