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Quick tips for your postpartum plan with a fun video!

If you're in your 3rd trimester, you are probably thinking about ways to help prepare for postpartum. Now is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row.  First off, whether you're a seasoned parent or brand new, there is no way to be 100% ready. But there are a few ways to help make the transition a little easier. Check out our short (less than 10 seconds long) video on ideas.

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Breast feeding/chest feeding tips

As a pregnant parent I'm sure you've been looking into ways to feed your baby. Whether you choose to breast/chest feed, formula feed, or a mix of both, the advice and information out there can get a little daunting. Today we're going to discuss breast/chest feeding, and offer a few tips to help along your journey. These are some things that helped myself when I was breastfeeding my littles. Feed on demand. Newborn tummy's are super small, so they need to eat lots. Breast milk is also digested much easier than formula, so they quite often need to refill their tank (tummy) on a more frequent timeline. That's ok, it doesn't mean that baby isn't getting enough. It means baby...

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5 Tips for 3rd Trimester Sleep

Sleep in the third trimester is often hard to find. Not because you aren't tired, but because you can't get comfy. With your growing belly and urgent need to pee at 3am it's kind of like mother nature is training you to survive on broken sleep.  We're hoping to help you out with some of our favorite ways to get comfortable. We can't promise a solid 8 hours, but hopefully we can help a little. Avoid caffeine too late in the day. We can sometimes get into a cycle of being overtired midway through the day so we reach for a coffee or higher caffeine drink later in the afternoon, unfortunately this can cause restless sleeps later on. Try having...

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