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Welcome to Our Store!

Over the last several weeks Winnie and I have been getting products together, figuring out packing needs and working our butt's off. We've come up against some irritating tech issues (and are trying to figure that out). But we haven't lost sight of our April 1st launch date, even if we've missed our March presale.

Unfortunately in the meantime the world has taken a painful hit with Covid-19. We initially weren't sure if we should, or even will still, launch for April. After many heartfelt chats on how to proceed, we're adapting. We currently do not have the subscription option available for ordering. With shipping times being uncertain, we do not want to promise that we can send out items/boxes that we may have difficulty getting or providing. What we have decided to do in the mean time is offer everyone the current boxes and an extra coupon code in each box to offset the cost for reorders. This isn't how we wanted to start off, but in such times we need to be flexible. 

Winnie and I have also heard from people that they still want a box! Which makes our hearts melt, and solidified the decision to launch. So, we are plugging along and are looking forward to sharing our service with you all.

Make sure to take a moment and sign up for our newsletter. We are working on intros to our suppliers so that you can follow up with them for future needs. And, we'll be sending out pregnancy and postpartum related content to help you pass the time :)

If you are a creator and would like an outlet for your items, please submit an application



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