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Morning Sickness Tips

If there was ever a term that didn't ring true, it's the idea that pregnancy nausea only lasts in the morning. While some people might only have brief bouts when they wake up, most pregnant people I've worked with have experienced it all day long. Some even past the 1st trimester and all the way through their pregnancy. As a doula I've been asked many times for ideas on how to reduce the dreaded sick feeling. 

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Top 5 Tips for Beating the Heat While Pregnant

Here in Alberta the weather is getting warmer. The sun has been out the last few days and we're already hearing complaints about how hot it's going to be. I remember being pregnant during the summer months, and it was one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy; swollen feet, sweat dripping from everywhere. When I was pregnant with my third I'm sure I ate a blizzard everyday for the last 6 weeks! Not great nutritionally, but it kept me cool after work for a few minutes.  Since I've survived 4 pregnancies, I figured I should give you some tips on staying cool and comfy this summer.   1 - Comfy, cotton clothes. When I was pregnant my skin was supper...

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