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Morning Sickness Tips

If there was ever a term that didn't ring true, it's the idea that pregnancy nausea only lasts in the morning. While some people might only have brief bouts when they wake up, most pregnant people I've worked with have experienced it all day long. Some people even have morning sickness long passed the 1st trimester and all the way through their pregnancy. As a doula I've been asked many times for ideas on how to reduce the dreaded sick feeling. 

Off the top of my head, I always suggest switching to smaller meals. Keeping your meals light and easily digestible seem to help a little. Keeping super greasy foods to a minimal can also make things easier. If this isn't your first child and you're busy with older children, work or life in general and can't plan small meals regularly, snacking throughout the day is a great way to get in the extra calories while also not overloading your tummy. Some simple snack ideas could be hummus and crackers/veggies, soups, fresh fruit and smoothies. 

Morning sickness, Bundle of Joy Box tips

There are candies geared towards morning sickness. I found them amazing when I was pregnant with my fourth. If you can't get your hands on pregnancy specific candies/lozenges, you can also try ginger style gravol. Actually, ginger teas have been known to help in pregnancy as well. You can quite often find specific tea blends for pregnancy that also have a variety of herbs to help with many things. 

If you're looking into alternative health practices, acupuncture and/or acupressure does wonders for nausea! Many acupuncturists have taken training specifically for pregnancy needs, try and find one that can also show you pressure points for at home use. Normally these points are easy to find and can be done anywhere. 

Consider taking your prenatal vitamins at a different time during the day. I've talked to so many people that find their nausea starts within half hour of having their prenatal vitamin. Something as simple as taking it in the evening instead of the morning could be the trick to easy some symptoms. If that doesn't work, speaking with your care provider about a different brand or type might be worth it. Some people do horribly on the traditional large hard tablet and do wonderfully on a gummie variety. 

If you are taking supplements and don't mind looking at something new, Vitamin B6 has been studied to help with nausea. Some prenatal vitamins might have it, but you might need a little more. 

Aromatherapy for morning sickness, Bundle of Joy Box tips

Another little tip that I've learned as a doula is using aromatherapy. Peppermint/minty scents seem to work well as an anti nausea aid. They can also be used on a wash cloth during labour to help get rid of the pukey feelings that can happen then. Just a tiny drop on the damp cloth, and inhale a small bit. I use a wash cloth so it can be rinsed in the scent is too strong.

If you are diagnosed with HG unfortunately there may not be a lot that can help. Most care providers will offer medications (which are deemed pregnancy safe), and possibly IVs in severe cases. 

Trying to stay on top of things while pregnant can be hard, so don't feel obligated to do all the things. If you find one that works for you, go with it. 

Best of luck! If you have any other tips or tricks that worked for you, please share with me. We really appreciate your feedback.

- Natasha

*Remember I am not a medical provider. I have over 15 years working with pregnant families, however before changing medications, supplements, etc I suggest talking with your midwife or care provider.




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