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Top 5 Tips for Beating the Heat While Pregnant

Here in Alberta the weather is getting warmer. The sun has been out the last few days and we're already hearing complaints about how hot it's going to be. I remember being pregnant during the summer months, and it was one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy; swollen feet, sweat dripping from everywhere. When I was pregnant with my third I'm sure I ate a blizzard everyday for the last 6 weeks! Not great nutritionally, but it kept me cool after work for a few minutes. 

Since I've survived 4 pregnancies, I figured I should give you some tips on staying cool and comfy this summer. 

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 1 - Comfy, cotton clothes. When I was pregnant my skin was supper sensitive, and fabric of any sort used to bug me. Since I couldn't be naked, I found some really great tops and low rise shorts that were high cotton count with a little stretch. The more natural the fiber, the better it felt. This might be a bit TMI, but I also really loved bamboo underwear!

2 - A small portable fan.  If you don't have an air conditioner or if you work somewhere without air conditioning. When I was working I had a small fan near my til that I'd move around to where ever I was stationed. At home we didn't have air conditioning, so I had to do the same. Nowadays, you can get those little fans that plug right into your computer, I think those would have been a life saver to have handy. Another great fan tip I've picked up as a doula is about a little battery operated fan that has a squirt bottle attached. Clients have loved them in pregnancy, and they are also super handy while in labour!

3 - Frozen fruit in ice water. I still always keep my water bottle full and next to me, but having some frozen berries tossed in helps keep the water cooler and adds a little fun. The little bit of flavour and sugar probably helps some too. When you're at home, keep a jug of cucumber water in the fridge!

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4 - Peppermint foot lotion. Seriously, if I were ever pregnant again, this is on my top 10 of must have things! Whether you're working and on your feet all day or simply chilling at home watching movies, it feels so good to have your feet rubbed for starters. Second of all, the peppermint helps cool those doggies down, and in turn helps cool you off. If you want a double treat, find a minty foot soak to start off with ;)

5 - Rice bag. Remember those magical microwave bag thingies? Those are great! Pop it in the freezer and you can have an instant cooled neck and shoulders after a long hot sunny day. If you don't know where to get one, or want to try that asap, just fill a sock with rice. This also doubles as a great tool for labour, you can heat it up and put it on your lower back during contractions :)

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Bonus #6 - A kiddie pool. If you have the space to get a little inflatable pool, do it. Just enough to get your butt and feet wet. I know you can sit in the tub, but on hot evenings while you're having a BBQ on the deck, that little pool is heaven!


Any tips you can think of? Tell me below! We might feature them on social media. And don't forget to share this blog with any expecting friends who need summer pregnancy tips!

Enjoy your weekend! 



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