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Toddler Snack Ideas - Bundle of Joy Baby Blog

Summer is in full swing, the kids are busy and the toddler never sits too long to eat a full meal. Well, this is where this blog might help. I know when my kids were younger I would get worried about making sure they were eating enough of every food group. They wanted to spend hours in the sandbox or pool, and many days they just grazed like wild deer instead of sitting at lunch for a full meal. 

5 of my favorite easy, portable (kind of), toddler approved snacks coming up :)

Cheese & crackers. This is probably a pretty normal snack. But if you're afraid that your little one is eating the same old cheese and crackers every day, switch up the crackers. There are so many flavours and style of cracker. My kids really enjoyed (and still do) the swiss cheese looking ones. You can also try some of the veggie flavoured varieties; red pepper, spinach, kale... I'm no Pinterest mom, but you can create your own little lunchables fairly easily.

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Hummus & crackers or veggies. I'm from Newfoundland, and until I moved out west I didn't really try hummus. But since realizing the high protein value, it's a favorite around here. I also really love that it's super easy to make at home, so if the store brands are too spicy for toddler taste buds, you can make a very plain version for your little one. We keep cans of chickpeas in the cupboard all the time now!

Lentils/beans. With toddlers wanting to feed themselves, finding easy finger foods can sometimes be tricky. Believe it or not, canned lentils/chickpeas/beans can be an easy cool treat for them. I like chickpeas once again for this as they are relatively soft and are a perfect finger food size. Just open the can, put them in a bowl in the fridge to chill, and you have an easy protein snack on a warm day. 

Watermelon cubes. Some melons are harder to chew, which is why I like watermelon cubes for little ones with few teeth. The texture of watermelon itself almost dissolves in your mouth. And, we all know there is nothing more refreshing than cool watermelon on a hot day.

Berries. Who doesn't like a good variety of berries? When my grandson is over he often munches on raspberries, currents, blueberries, etc. And when they aren't in season, we have a bag of frozen mixed berries; just take a cup of frozen berries out in the fridge over night, and bam, easy snack. Of course you can always make smoothies as well.

Toddler snack ideas, parenting tips, Bundle of Joy Box pregnancy blog

 Also, keep in mind that there are many great prepackaged snack options out there for babies and toddlers. Don't feel bad if you're passing your little one cheerios or prepackaged snacks. None of this is a competition. While enjoy making at home for my children and grandson, sometimes having a handy squeeze tube is great! 

What are your favorite snacks ideas? Let me know in the comments :)


I'm not a dietitian or nutritionist so if any of these are allergy triggers or what not, please make sure to follow your care providers advice. 

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