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Our Beginnings

The Bundle of Joy Box started as a desire to connect families to eco friendly, locally made, wholesome products. As a birth doula, with over a decade of working with new and expanding families, I saw a need. Families are choosing locally sourced products more often, and raising environmentally conscious children. 

The summer of 2019 my first grandchild was born. My eldest daughter Winnie, was looking for ways to reduce home waste for her growing family. While looking at makers and products in Canada, she wished there was an easier way to find the people making these things. And she also wished that she could get a mix of items to try out, instead of travelling all over town with a new baby. We started talking about a subscription box. 

Wouldn't it be great if during your pregnancy you could get a box each trimester, with pregnancy support items, practical use items, and snacks?! Oh, and some extra special items to help keep your pregnancy glow! And, because we understand postpartum is also a time of healing and bonding, you get a box for that, too.

This is our vision, Bundle of Joy Box is a mother-daughter start up, on a mission to bridge the gap between growing Canadian families to Canadian makers. We aim to curate our boxes to not only be beneficial for new families, but the planet we co-exist on. 

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