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Our 5 Favorite Pregnancy Websites - Bundle of Joy Pregnancy Tips Blog

Navigating pregnancy advice can get a little tricky, irritating and overwhelming. Don't worry though, we're highlighting our favorite 5 websites to make your life a little easier. 

Spinning Babies, Bundle of Joy Box, pregnancy and postpartum blog

Spinning Babies - Spinning Babies is all about fetal positioning. Packed full of videos, resources and tips on how to help baby get in the optimal position for birth. Spinning Babies is a favorite of mine for clients looking to practice positions for early labour and birth. It also has wonderful activities to do during pregnancy to help baby get/stay in a great position.

Evidence Based Birth, Bundle of Joy Box pregnancy tips blog, pregnancy and postpartum box

Evidence Based Birth - Evidence Based Birth is a wealth of pregnancy, labour and birth information and just as it's called, is backed by evidence and research. Quite often when you get a bit of advice and are wondering if it holds merit, you wonder how to validate it, this is the site to use to search up said advice. If you're looking at building a "birth plan" this site can help you sort out questions, needs, wants, etc on basically any procedure, medication or concern you have. When clients ask me about various care providers recommendations, I always suggest a look at Evidence Based Birth.

KellyMom Bundle of Joy Box pregnancy and postpartum parenting tips

KellyMom -  KellyMom is primarily a breastfeeding site, which is great to look into and plan around during pregnancy. The other wonderful part of this site is that it isn't just about breastfeeding; KellyMom offers resources for many stages of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting in general. This site currently has some really great information regarding Covid-19 and infant feeding, mental health and well-being to discussing Covid-19 with your children. 

The Birth Hour, Bundle of Joy Box pregnancy and postpartum tips, pregnancy and postpartum subscription box

The Birth Hour - The Birth Hour is a podcast full of a variety of pregnancy and birth stories. Part of learning about pregnancy and birth involves hearing the stories of others. This site also has resources for pregnant and postpartum families. Their blog encompasses everything from morning sickness to postpartum depression. While we hope you're not dealing with either of those things, we know that many people are and this is a good place to look for hope and ideas to help get you through it.

Pregnant Chicken, Bundle of Joy Box pregnancy and postpartum blog

Pregnant Chicken - Pregnant Chicken came across my feed several years back and was mostly a satire/comedy site on pregnancy, or so it seamed. It has turned in to much more than that over the years. This site still uses humour to discuss pregnancy and parenting, but it has many wonderful resources, tips and ideas for navigating everything from birth prep to parenting. 


There are many other wonderful websites out there, these are just a few of what I normally suggest to my clients, friends, family... If you have a favorite pregnancy, birth, parenting website please drop a comment. We love gathering information for new families. 


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