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Favorite Baby Bottles - Bundle of Joy Box Baby Blog

Baby feeding is something every new parent looks into. Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the topic of baby bottles will probably come up. With so many on the market it can be tough deciding which ones you want to buy. Last week I asked our followers on IG and FB which ones they liked. These are a few of the ones brought up. 

In alphabetical order:

Avent - This was a favorite of mine personally as it's what I knew from when my children were small. They are easy to wash, nipples come in various flow levels and they do the job.These are easy to find in stores and run about $25 on Amazon for a 3 pack. 

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Boon - This bottle is a favorite of Winnies. She's tried out every bottle on this list and this was a winner for her. She especially liked the silicone pouch design; it helps for reducing colic and no plastics touch milk or baby. She purchased at Superstore and can also be found on Amazon for around $25 for a 3 pack.

Boon baby bottle, Bundle of Joy Box baby blog, parenting tips

Dr. Browns - Several doula clients of nine have really liked this bottle. One thing they pointed out with this one was the vent system which really seemed to help with colic and reducing spit up. These can be found on Amazon for about $30 for a pack of 3.

Dr Brown baby bottle, bundle of joy box blog, baby tips

 Tommee Tippee - I haven't tried these myself, but several people have suggested them. These also have a vent system to hep with colic. They can be found on Amazon for around $30 for a 3 pack.

Tommee Tippee bottle, bundle of joy box blog

 As every baby is different, you may need to test out a few bottles before finding your perfect one. Things I like to keep in mind when I am purchasing bottles is the ease of cleaning, nipple styles, do the bottles come in various sizes and how easily can I get replacement nipple/lids/etc. 

Something else to look at when purchasing bottles, if you are a pumping parent, check and see if the bottle will fit directly on to your pump. I know when we traveled to BC last summer having the bottle fit the pump was really convenient for Winnie. She was able to pump in the back seat while on the drive and she didn't have to worry about transferring over to a bag immediately; which helped reduce any spills.

If you have a favorite bottle that's not listed, let me know! We love hearing from you.


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