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What No One Tells You: A guide to your emotions from pregnancy to Motherhood, Bundle of Joy Box book, pregnancy advice

WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

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Your guide to the emotions of pregnancy and early motherhood, from two of America’s top reproductive psychiatrists.

When you are pregnant, you get plenty of advice about your growing body and developing baby. Yet so much about motherhood happens in your head. What everyone really wants to know: Is this normal?

- Even after months of trying, is it normal to panic after finding out you’re pregnant?
- Is it normal not to feel love at first sight for your baby?
- Is it normal to fight with your parents and partner?
- Is it normal to feel like a breastfeeding failure?
- Is it normal to be zonked by “mommy brain?”

In What No One Tells You, two of America’s top reproductive psychiatrists reassure you that the answer is yes. With thirty years of combined experience counseling new and expectant mothers, they provide a psychological and hormonal backstory to the complicated emotions that women experience, and show why it’s natural for “matrescence” - the birth of a mother - to be as stressful and transformative a period as adolescence.


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